Revised Recommended Alternative Design Schematics (May 2019)

Based on comments received during the Draft EIS comment period and from continuing stakeholder input and coordination, TxDOT has revised the Proposed Recommended Alternative that was presented at the May 2017 public hearing. The revised alternatives for each project segment will be identified as the Preferred Alternatives in the Final EIS, and will be the Preferred Alternative for the proposed North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP).

The revised design schematics can be viewed at the links below.

SEGMENT 1 (May 2019)
   Segment 1: I-610 to Tidwell Road
   Segment 1: Tidwell Road to Shepherd Drive
   Segment 1: Shepherd Drive to West Road
   Segment 1: West Road to Beltway 8

SEGMENT 2 (May 2019)
   Segment 2: I-45 north of I-10 to I-610
   Segment 2: I-610 Interchange

SEGMENT 3 (May 2019)
   Segment 3: Downtown Loop Overall Plan View
   Segment 3: I-45 from Scott St. to I-69
   Segment 3: I-45 from I-69 to Elysian St.
   Segment 3: I-45 from Elysian St. to Wrightwood St.
   Segment 3: I-69 from Montrose Blvd. to I-45
   Segment 3: I-69 from I-45 to Lyons Ave.
   Segment 3: I-10 from Houston Ave. to McKee St.
   Segment 3: I-10 from McKee St. to Waco St.
   Segment 3: SH 288 from Binz St./Calumet St. to I-45
   Segment 3: Downtown Connectors

Conceptual Layouts and Typical Sections for the Proposed Recommended Alternative are Preliminary and Subject to Change